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Prepare your business by validating the qualitative data that supports financial history.


Get organised quickly and easily with our online Document Management Locker

Manage and store all your critical business information in one secure portal, preparing your businesses with strategic tools and service to optimise value.

Why Private Company Exchange?

We help private companies optimise value, accelerating access to capital


Document Management Locker

Private, online storage of critical business and financial documentation, including an Online Share Registry Service


Expert Advice

Getting your critical documents transaction ready with practical advice from our experts


100 Point Governance Check

Our ongoing automated annual check provides transparency and demonstrates a process that will add value and accelerate access to capital


Why Accountants recommend and use the Document Management Locker to enhance customer engagement

1. Streamline client document management with a secure client portal
2. Valuable strategic services add-on for clients
2. Give clients a clear path for investment readiness
4. Minimise time chasing critical documents by automating collection


Aeon Technology Services

IT assets are at the heart of business in the 21st century. Every business needs them, and needs to manage, upgrade, and dispose of them as an ongoing practice. Information Technology Asset Disposal (ITAD) is the business of managing all aspects of this process, and Aeontech is Australia’s leader in this constantly-growing field. Whether it is seamlessly installing an entire department of desktop machines, re-selling used equipment to recoup costs, or disposing of machines at an internationally-accredited level, Aeontech sets the national standard in deployment, asset recovery, and end-of-lease services.

Our Partners

PCE is aligned with some of Australia’s leading and most-trusted family offices and investment groups.

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PrimaryMarkets is a leading global marketplace for the trading of unlisted secur...

Banksia Capital

Banksia Capital is a Perth-based private investment firm providing equity funds ...

Larsen Ventures

We are a lean venture firm This is our MVP; but we're iterating fast We believ...

DFD Rhodes

DFD Rhodes Pty Ltd is a Western Australian company established in 1950. The comp...

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